The President of the USA, Our King, Has Asked You To Ignore Me and Other Bloggers

King Obama Commands You to Ignore Bloggers I just had to say that this quote from our beloved king today did not go unnoticed:

“And now that the government is reopened, and this threat to our economy is removed, all of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists, and the bloggers, and the talking heads on radio, and the professional activists who profit from conflict, and focus on what the majority of Americans sent us here to do.” – Barrack Obama

In other words, please just glue yourself in front of the television, believe what my so-called “journalists” say on the networks that I have in my pocket. Watch your mind-numbing reality TV and be still. Never find out about the Barry-cades I put up, with the professional, preprinted signs that were magically ready to go on October 1st to shut down the parks and memorials just to inconvenience the public — the public that PAID for those parks and memorials — the public who OWNS those. Also, never mind about the truckers, bikers, and war veterans who swooped down on DC in disgust and outrage at the POTUS’ actions. Ignore them. Let’s all just pretend that people aren’t outraged and fed up.

Ignore the fact that his signature law is going to financially shackle you and that you can’t sign up for the health care as promised since the website he outsourced to another country to have it built (for over $400k) won’t work. Ignore that your doctors are going out of business, your hospitals are cutting staff, your premiums and deductibles are going up and your quality of care is going down. Never mind that. Here, have an Obamaphone. And here, sign up for foodstamps, because soon you will have to choose between eating and paying for his new healthcare bill and penalties if you don’t want them.

Don’t worry. The government will “take care” of you. (And don’t think “Godfather” when I say “take care of you” – just trust, ok?)

Yes, let’s all listen to the president and quit listening to the people who really love and treasure this country… the people who want to save it… the people willing to fight to save it instead of fighting to destroy it. Let’s also ignore the people who are currently fighting to protect it and those who have served our country in the past. Let’s kick all our fine, upstanding military service members to the curb. We don’t need them, we have a king now.

Yes, now IS the time to pick sides. You can pick either major political group to follow blindly (either one is fine, they are both traitorous and self-serving as a whole with only a few valuable members between them) or you can follow the president and shower him with adoration. You can get behind the FDA, the IRS, and the NSA — and believe that all the harmful things they do is in your own best interest because you can’t be trusted to make any decisions about your food, your medicines, your money, or your privacy yourself.

Or you can stand up and say, “Screw you all — this is MY country and you may NOT trample it and everything I believe in and expect me to nod silently and do as I’m told.”

It’s your choice. Despite what you are being told, it has always been your choice and will be — until you decide that you no longer want the burden and the responsibility of free will, freedom, and liberty. At which point, all kinds of people, organizations, and forces will stand in line to relieve you of it.