Under the Title, “What in the HELL is the Matter with YOU?”

The world - to Hell - no Handbasket: Butts Batteries and Bullshit Ok, I’m just going to admit first thing that what you are about to read is a rant. It’s a big, hairy, unconstrained RANT about what’s happened to this world.


  • I saw an ad last night on TV. (Yeah, I was watching commercial TV, and I should have known better, but I really wanted to see Walking Dead at the first possible time for a change). The ad was for a movie about a “bad grandpa” or something. The scene was a “toddlers and tiaras” type shot, when the little (probably 6-year old) girl stripped down to garter belts and Victoria’s Secret undies and started bumping, grinding and pole dancing.

Now, have I completely lost my mind, or was this on TV in a country that has a registered sex offenders list and specifically despises pedophiles? Let’s mix this with the actual “beauty contests” for our little girls where we paint them up like two-bit whores and the “cheerleading and dance competitions” where they learn to bump and grind in ways that would make a stripper blush, shall we? The mixed messages we send gives me whiplash, and I’m pretty in control of my firm grip on what I believe to be a reasonable sense of ethics and morals. How is this entertaining? How is this anything but offensive? (And might I add that I’m not easily offended. Not at all. At least not until lately…)


Steve and I went to the movies last night. It had been ages since we had gone anywhere or done anything. Even with the budget constraints required when you launch a new business, we finally managed to justify spending the bucks to see a matinee showing of Gravity and springing for a soda and a popcorn (yeah, we were big spenders last night!) Excellent movie (especially in 3-D), if you haven’t seen it.

  • As the movie ended, we were walking out of the theater. Two women (apparently a mother and her 20-something daughter) made the most obnoxious noises. With every step another “passing gas” noise would LOUDLY escape one of the two. Every time it happened, they both cackled. This continued for the entire length of the hall in the theater — that’s about 57 farts, if you want to measure by those.

What the hell? Since when do women behave that way? Have I lost my way and ended up in some “Twilight Zone” alternative plane of reality where grown women act like ill-behaved pre-pubescent boys?!?!

Business as Usual

This morning Steve went to the local Radio Shack to get a motherboard battery for a client’s laptop. He went into the store and asked for the size battery he needed.

  • He was told that they didn’t have the battery he needed. He pointed to the wall behind the sales clerk and said, “It’s right there.” She typed in the battery information into the computer again and said. “The computer says we don’t have any, so I can’t sell what we don’t have.” Steve said, “Just hand me that battery.” She did and he paid and left.

So we now can’t use our EYES or take care of our CUSTOMERS unless the computer says we can? What the hell? When did people completely quit being able to make good judgement calls, control themselves, and think independently? It just makes me shake my head.