Are eCigarettes a Real Alternative for Smokers?

e-cigarette vapor Back in January, the Honey Badger quit saying that my horrible habit didn’t bother him. In fact, he complained that I was concerned about HIS health and what he ate and the number of sodas he drank, and yet I was still puffing away on my vice.

He asked me to quit and I told him that I’d give it my best shot. He went a step further and bought me an e-cig at a convenience store to try. I agreed, but, honestly, I hated it.

So he went to the Internet and started doing research to help encourage me. He said that the e-cigs were free of all the chemicals I was currently inhaling (except for nicotine). Armed with his chemistry degree and his experience in the medical industry, he was pretty convincing. He said that the “vapor” was basically water and glycerine. He asked me to try another brand of e-cig and when I agreed, he went back to his research. A few hours later he came to me with his findings.

He told me that V2 Cigs were the brand with the best reviews and told me he would like me to try those. If he can eat spinach, skip the extra large potato with sour cream and drink water instead of soda, it’s the least I could do, right?

So I did. I ordered them and while I was waiting I got another disposable type locally and tried them in an attempt to remain tobacco-free in the interim They were better than the first ones I tried, but still horribly lacking.

All this started on January 28th. By the end of the first week in February, my V2 Cigs order had arrived. I tried a variety pack and ordered a “refillable” cartridge set and some of the e-liquid V2 Cig offered. The variety flavors were interesting, but I must admit the e-liquid sold me on this lifestyle change.

I’ve not used tobacco since January 28th and I’m extremely pleased with the decision. I will say that I was a menthol girl, so the menthol e-liquid is my favorite and haven’t even tried the “tobacco” flavored ones. I did try the mint and the chocolate and the cherry. All interesting, but not my mainstay.

I like the refill cartridges much better than the prefilled versions. After I washed my first battery (I left it in my jeans pocket), I had to order another portable one and I got a backup version that hooked into my computer with a USB cord and therefore couldn’t be accidentally washed. I needed the security of knowing that if I washed another battery, I wouldn’t be tempted to fall back to tobacco.

I am happy being a “vapor girl” now. I don’t miss the expense of the tobacco habit (I find the e-cig option to be MUCH cheaper, once the initial purchase is made) and I do not miss the smell. I was always a clandestine smoker, so I was always hiding my habit and trying to never smell like a smoker. I didn’t smoke indoors, so I spent time out in some pretty miserable weather wondering why I didn’t just quit the habit.

These days, my lungs love me again. I can enjoy my vapor option anywhere – there’s no smell, no residue, no endangering others with second-hand anything. I have alot more energy when out walking and doing things. I don’t cough, I don’t get sore throats, I am a happier person. Seriously.

The Badger likes that I’m being kinder to my body… and he’s even willing to occasionally forgo steak for chicken in solidarity to our new mutual goal of being happier and healthier. 🙂

So if you are considering trying the eCig path, give it a shot. I’d seriously recommend the V2 Cigs over the other brands (I have now tried several… you know I had to try more when I washed my first one).

Personally, I prefer the stainless steel extra long one (the battery lasts for 2-3 days between charges for me) and it has a blue tip instead of a red one. I don’t really want to look like I’m smoking a regular cigarette, so the blue LED is more my speed. The company offers a “high end” version called Vapor Couture that are cool, but I don’t really need bling on my e-cig — but you might.

I like this product enough that I actually became an affiliate. (Notice the ad on the left and the in-text links here!) You have probably noticed that the ONLY affiliate ads I place on WickedBlog are products I use personally — from my favorite hosting company to products I buy from Amazon and love. I only advertise what I recommend (I buy from Amazon all the time, but don’t advertise all the products I try… only the cream of the crop!)

Personally, I’ve dropped from the “medium” level of nicotine (I still have over half a bottle of it unused) to the “light” level. The stuff lasts forever. My next step will be a zero nicotine liquid. 🙂 I’m not saying it is a way to quit smoking. It’s working for me, but it might not work for you. Only you can judge that.

If you have any questions about my own experiences with the product, ask me. I’d be happy to share. (Oh, and if you do decide to try them and want a discount, you can use the code “wickedblog” on V2 Cigs to get 10% off your order.)

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