Stop Stupidity in the Public Education System

Stop Educational Stupidity Start Helping Kids Learn So, if you have a failing school (based on test scores) and you want to fix that… what do you do? Let’s pretend like this is a standardized test and you have to answer that question by selecting from a multiple choice list.

Here are your options:

  1. Remove the hurdles to teaching imposed by the administration
  2. Remove the hurdles placed by the legislators on the administration
  3. Forget about teaching to the test and get back to actually teaching students subjects
  4. Streamline the syllabus by removing all the “politically correct” indoctrination classes imposed on our youth and get back to basics like reading, writing, math, history and science
  5. All of the above
  6. Take the smart kids from a better school and bus them to a failing school to boost test scores

Well, according to the The East Baton Rouge Parish School Board, the correct answer is 6. This makes perfect sense. After all, why actually educate the children and improve the schools when money is the primary goal, right?!?