So You Think Public Education is a GOOD Thing?

To hell with my rights, keep me safe! Any regular WickedBlog reader already knows how I feel about the downfall of our American public education system. I’ve been resisting the urge (and it has been great) to pick apart a local high school’s newspaper. Seriously, it was written so poorly that reading it aloud made me sound like I was basically illiterate. It sounded like it was written by third and fourth graders, and I won’t even start on the grammar and spelling errors. These are the journalists of our future — oh, yay!

But, today, I saw something actually written by fourth graders that was even more shocking… it was brought to the attention of the media by a concerned parent in Florida… In the Duval County Public School system, a teacher required the students to write what constitutional rights they are willing to give up and for what — then they were required to sign the document. The concerned parent found his own son’s letter, which said, “I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.”

When questioned, other parents verified that their own children had been asked to do the same thing. This, according to the school system, was a lesson plan designed to improve awareness of rights and develop critical thinking skills on civic issues. Seriously?!?!

Personally, I think it’s a program in indoctrination. If you teach a child at that tender age that it’s ok to give up their rights and have them sign it — during a program done in cooperation with an association of local attorneys — what EXACTLY is the message?

I think it’s “It’s ok to give up your rights in certain situations” — and I think that is the wrong damn answer. If you want to read more, visit the Fox News story covering this travesty.