Real Estate Market Booms!

Real Estate Boom of 2013 My real estate clients have seen a BOOM in business this spring. It’s surprising how quickly the business turned around. My clients have been making a living, despite the housing bubble fiasco — but my clients are the upper crust, if I do say so. They are business people willing to adjust their business even during the most challenging economy and a good part of my job is helping them accomplish that.

Right now, my clients are crazy-busy. The buyer’s market has shifted 180 degrees to a seller-driven market. The inventory has stalled and the demand during this spring season has surged. I have a few ideas about why this change is happening now…

I think that people are tired of putting their lives on hold, waiting for the “normalcy” of three or four years ago to return. We, as a country, may grumble about the condition of the economy, the government, even our “lot” in life — but the fact is, most people have accepted that this IS the “new” normal.

We are an optimistic people, and eventually we quit focusing on the negative and start looking for the good in the current situation. Right now, it’s spring. That’s good. Right now the interest rates are incredibly low. That’s good. If you are fiscally sound and are able to get a loan or buy a house outright, the time to do that is now. People see that and now Realtors and other real estate professionals are seeing that happen too.

I wonder how long the interest rates will stay so low. I predict they will jump up in 60-90 days. I think they are going to have to. If the cost of food at the grocery store, if the cost of fuel, if the cost of living (that the government denies has skyrocketed in the last 12-24 months) has gone up as much for everyone else as it has for me… I can’t imagine that interest rates will be able to stay so low.

But, for now, I have more than my normal “steady stream” of client work. I have piles and piles of projects waiting for me. And, I’m not complaining — especially since I don’t know how long this influx will last. I expect it will die back down with the end of the Spring selling season. We shall see. For now, it’s time to close out this blog and get back to work!