Easy, Free Remote Desktop Tool to Help Clients Virtually!

Remote Desktop Tool for Free Sometimes one of my clients calls in need of a little “long distance technical assistance.” This might be a simple “how do I…?” question or their issue might require multi-step troubleshooting.  Either way, it’s often easier to show them than to try to explain it all in multiple back-and-forth emails or chat sessions — or even a “walking through” over the phone. And, demonstrating on their own computer, so they can see what I’m doing, means they are more likely to be able to do it themselves next time. Win-Win!

There are paid options for this, but I’ve found that one quick and easy way to be able to be able to show — using their own computer and their own mouse — is a little tool that presents itself as a Chrome extension. And, it’s a cross-platform tool — so if they have a Mac and I’m logged into my WIN7 machine, it works. Likewise, if I’m  on my MacBook and they are using some flavor of Windows, I can still help them. That’s nice!

It involves opening up a session (two clicks from the apps screen of your Chrome browser) with a code shared with the client. The client will then type in the code and approve the share. Once the session is over, the code won’t work again. It’s easy, it’s secure and it gets the job done.

If you aren’t already using the Chrome Browser, I highly recommend it. I sing its praises to all my clients and now there is this new, uber-cool reason to use it. It’s called (simply enough) the “Chrome Remote Desktop” and it works like a charm. Download it today and put it in your arsenal of tools to help others!

(Note: Special thanks goes out to KentuckyComputerDoc.com for suggesting this tool when I was looking for the best option.)

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