Why Have a Traditional ISP Service? :)

Alternatives to cable Internet and DSL I’m going in partners on a physical, brick and mortar office space to work a few days a week. Shocking, isn’t it?

After all these years of striving to work from the farm and be a hermit, I’ve decided to give a “traditional” offsite office a try.

It’s a tiny little space, but we are going to try it and see how things go. I liked the idea of getting high speed Internet a few times a week for those tasks that could benefit from the extra “umph.” I plan to schedule my data intensive projects for those “in office” days.

We started setting up the office this week and although the “high speed” cable Internet isn’t quite ready yet, I used my Verizon Droid Bionic to access the same way I do on the farm in my office there.

I had two computers going (one to do research and update websites and catch up on some blogging while the other one downloaded and uploaded to sync everything in my cloud services) and my pad was streaming simultaneously while I worked. My 4G data connection never paused, hiccuped or died. It was rock solid.

The performance was so good, that I wanted to test it. The result was amazing. I was getting over 16 Mbps download speeds and … (get THIS!) almost NINE upload! (Actual number was 8.6 Mbps). I assumed some cosmic error had occurred and I tested it again. Similar figures. I tested several times that day and the results fluctuated, but were still in that amazing range.

In Danville, the cable Internet through Time-Warner will offer a maximum of 20 Mbps download and a maximum of 2 Mbps upload speeds. (On the farm I get less than 2 Mbps download and usually half that for upload speed — which is why I need a few days of faster Internet per week to do my work).

So, if I can get these kind of speeds using my phone service (which is grandfathered in with unlimited data and $30/month tethering) — why would I even WANT cable?!?

4G service is pretty amazing, and I think using the phone (forwarding my calls to the office phone when I’m there) will save money and hassle — and give me a better result! 🙂 If you are in a 4G service area, and have managed to retain an unlimited data plan (and the tethering, of course) you may want to do a little testing on your own before duplicating expenses for a service that doesn’t perform as well as your phone does.