3 Cool Email Tools: Google Labs

Google Lab Treats Email Users Right! I love my Google Apps account. Granted, I fret over how much Google knows about me… but I’m beginning to accept that the concept of “privacy” as I knew it growing up no longer exists. With that disclaimer firmly in place at the beginning of this blog, I’ll skip merrily along and share three great finds for email over on Google Labs with you (and a few bonus ones for Google chat users!)

Get Labs Stuff For Yourself

To access Google Lab goodies for your own Google Apps Email account, simply sign into your email, click the “gear” icon in the upper right hand corner and select “settings.” When the settings page appears, go to the FARRRRRR right upper tab and select “Labs.”

Presto, you are there and now you can skip about too — enabling this and that and the other thing to your heart’s content. Personally, I think these are the best options at the moment:

Top Three Wicked Google Labs Picks for Email

Preview Pane – a toggle switch that lets you see the list of emails you have, or a preview pane (a la “outlookish” style).

RIght Side Chat – I burn up my Google chat, but that dancing up and down thing at the bottom of the left hand column makes me nuts. This moves the entire chat window over to the far right column so it’s dance-free. 🙂 (Note: I also use “Pictures in Chat,” “SMS in Chat,” and “Green Robot” to improve my chat experience — the first shows a mugshot of me and my chat partner, the second one lets me send and receive SMS messages from my contacts (so I don’t have to get up from my computer to go find the phone when I need to send one) and the latter lets me know if the people I’m trying to reach are at their computer or on their android device. These aren’t actually “email” labs, but I still wanted to share them.)

Unread Message Icon – a super simple, really useful add-on that places a number of unread messages on the favicon found on the tab containing my email browser window. At a glance I can tell if any new messages have arrived without all those nasty “pop-up” notification things that make me nuts and interrupt my train of thought.

Let me know if I’ve skipped one that YOU find invaluable! (Comments always make me happy!)