Labels Won’t Expand in Chrome Running Windows 8

How to automatically expand gmail labels on windows 8 in chrome This is a little issue, but while trying to get my bearings back with Windows (and trying to DO that on a Windows 8 machine), this was making me batty.

On Windows 7 and on Mac versions of Chrome Browser, the labels on the left column of google mail and google apps mail would automatically expand to let me see all my labels. Not so on Windows 8. I’d have to hit “more labels” every single time to get a full listing.

The fix was simple. Go to the gear icon for settings on Chrome (see the image above) and select “comfortable” instead of “touch enabled.”

Problem solved (and yes, your touch screen will still work with this setting). I’m not sure if this is making anyone else batty, but I thought I’d post it to try to save other people all the time it took me to figure this one out.

Now… on to figuring out other Windows 8 challenges as I switch from Apple’s Mac products and OSX to this new “touchy-feely” Microsoft Windows product. Wish me luck!

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