is Burnt Toast

For years, I’ve trusted to check my Internet speed. I use Google to establish connectivity and my next step is Toast. Never again…

Today while hooking up a wired connection, I used my old standby (Toast) to determine the speed. It registered just over 1.7 megs. The picture loaded painfully slowly and I knew that even my cell-phone tether in the middle of neverland had better speed than that! I tried another speed test, then another, then another… they all pegged my speed at nearly 20 megs.

I went back and tried Toast again. I tried all their servers. The photo stalled, and it appeared that the Internet was really, really slow… every time.

After a bit of time, and a little research, it was determined that this tool no longer works. With a bit more research online, I’ve discovered I’m not the only one that’s having this problem.

I tested some of my favorite sites and they loaded at super-fast speeds. I went back and tried other speed test sites, all were nearly 20 megs again. Back to Toast and it was still hovering at 1.7 megs.

I’m not sure what they have up their sleeve (some of the other blogs I viewed have their own nefarious-intent explanations), all I DO know is that I’ll never use or recommend this site again.

1.7 megs indeed!

Want a speed test site that still works? Try