Nexus 7 Tweaks: Sound and Orientation Boosts

turn up the volume on the Nexus 7 I love my Nexus 7. I know, I’ve already said that… a lot lately. 🙂 What I didn’t like, I’ve started to fix and I thought other Nexus fans might want to know the fixes…


For instance, watching movies frustrated me unless the room was completely quiet. The speakers just weren’t loud enough. My awesome better half (who owns a Nexus 7 too, and is a bigger techy geek than even me…) found a great little app that fixed that problem and shared it with me. It’s called “Speaker Boost.” It’s kinda awesome. I was worried at first (with all the “we aren’t responsible for destroying your device” legal talk), but it’s perfect. It doesn’t blow out my speakers, but it does get the volume up to a more useful volume. (Your mileage may vary and I, too, refuse to take any responsibility for anyone blowing up anything because they read this blog.) A nice bonus is that it’s free. 🙂


Orientation equilibrium was making me a little nuts. Some programs and apps would allow portrait and landscape, others would not. And… the most annoying thing… they may “orient” properly in one direction but when I flip the device, they don’t. I hated trying to keep up with which way worked and which way wouldn’t. On this particular point, I find that my iPad does a better job and I REALLY hate to admit that. I do.

Thankfully, my father called me to tell me about an app called, “Ultimate Rotation Control“and it offered a free trial. I tried it. I loved it. When my trial expired… I couldn’t got pony up my three bucks fast enough! Now every app rotates any way I turn my Nexus. I can watch Netflix upside down in portrait orientation if I’m so inclined. And every other app twists and turns at my every whim. I like that. I like it a LOT.

I’ll continue to share apps and ideas that make life with the Nexus 7 even better… if you have any to add, please share!

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