Free Books for Your Kindle (or eReader)

I’m spending much of my free time reading — and collecting more books to read! Here are three sites that I find pretty helpful in my quest for cheap library additions: – This is a great site to use to download kindle-friendly mobi formatted books. It will download directly to your Kindle app, if you are using an iPad, but it takes a little more work to get it into the Kindle device (transfer from your computer).

Zero Dollar Books – This page is actually a script that “grabs” any books Amazon is currently offering for free. It doesn’t grab ALL of them, but it does grab a nice selection. Since it searches constantly, and since some of the books offered are only available for an hour or a day, you will need to check back often for the best selection. Also, since it’s through Amazon, once you buy it, it’s yours in the cloud and you can read it on any device that supports the Kindle app. Nice! – Offers a selection of Amazon freebies in several genres.

And, if you want to enjoy on your Kindle, you can subscribe here. I’ll continue to update any other cool freebie book sites I find. 😉

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