Droid Solutions: Different Notification Sounds for Every Alert

My Droid Razr had one notification sound when I got him. Soooo, if I heard it, I didn’t know if I had a text message, a new email, an expiring bid on eBay, a Google chat message from a client or a friend, a calendar reminder… or any of a number of other little “notices” I get throughout a typical day.

To overcome this, I downloaded a program (for free) on Android Market called Zedge which extended my notification alert sounds (as well as added a slew of new ringtones) to my arsenal.

I don’t like loud or long notification chimes — I don’t like rock and roll clips to announce that I have an appointment in an hour. I want simple and DIFFERENT sounds so I can make the decision to ignore, postpone or immediately check the phone — as needed.

Once you get Zedge, and you find a few chimes you like (you can play them before downloading and they download singly, not in “packs”), you can go into “settings” (using the lower left hand button next to the home button on a Motorola Droid Razr), scroll down and select notification and ringtones — you will have two options pop up, one for the standard android sounds and one for the new zedge sounds you have just downloaded.

The only app I’ve needed to personalize that I’ve not been able to change, is eBay. I handled this by personalizing all the other apps and leaving my “default” selection to notify me in case of one of those elusive bidding crises. 🙂

Hope this helps new droid users customize and trick out their android device a little better.