Droid Solutions: Where Can I Update All My Android Apps?

I was having a fit finding some solutions for how to do what I wanted to do on my new Motorola Droid Razr — (I’m an iPhone convert) — and it occurred to me that I am probably not the ONLY person having these difficulties…

So I’ve decided to start posting the problems with their solutions (when I find them) here on WickedBlog to see if I can help others find the answers they need.

To get a list of the updates your apps need, you go to Android Market on the device, then touch the “settings” button (lower left, right beside the home button on the Razr) and a pop-up gives you the option to select from “My Apps,” “Accounts,” “Settings,” and “Help.” Select “My Apps” — this takes you to a screen that shows all your apps and places the ones on top that need automatic or manual updates.

Droid Problem Solved! 😀