Droid Solutions: How to Download .Mobi Files on Phone and Open with Kindle

I’ve got a particular site for .mobi ebooks that I love. I mean, really, LOVE this site. (And no, I’m not sharing that…) But the problem I encountered was that the .mobi format (which is supposed to be read by Kindle, but isn’t without a conversion) was driving me batty.

(WARNING: Apple comparison… On the iPad, when I downloaded, it asked me if I’d like to open the downloaded file in Kindle and did the conversion for me (quietly and perfectly) in the background. Not so for the Droid.)

After downloading what I consider to be the BEST browser for my Motorola Droid Razr, Maxthon, I can download to the defined download folder (you can set this to go wherever you like in the Maxthon settings, I left it at the default location). Once it’s downloaded, I can move it using the standard “My Files” app and drop it in the Kindle folder on my droid. Then using the same “My Files” app, I can go in and change it from the gibberish file name and .txt extension to a proper name and .mobi extension. (Hint: If you have as many books as I do, a quick visual clue is the green android character to the left of the .txt files, as opposed to the blue “download” arrow for those in the proper format while cruising the list using “My Files.”)

Once that’s done, it’s available to be read on my Android and it’s pretty and includes the nice graphics of the .mobi file format.

Hope this helps!

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