My Favorite Healthy Android Apps


Hello, My Name is Angela, and I’m an app addict.

With that said, I’ll share my stash with you over the next few weeks and tell you about the apps I consider essential and/or too cool not to own — but I’ll spare you the expansive list of those I’m currently testing. 🙂

This week, I’ll share my top three “healthy” apps. Just consider it “Health and Fitness by Android.”

Fooducate – by Fooducate, Ltd. – A barcode scanning app (you can also do a manual search) that tells you if the food you are choosing is a healthy option and offers more healthy alternatives, if it’s not.

Recipes – by – For a great, quick way to find a new recipe to try. I use my phone more often than I use a cookbook these days and this is a great option. I used Big Oven with the iPad, but I must admit I like this app better.

Calorie Counter – by – Not only has a barcode scanner to quickly enter foods, but also offers a manual search with a great database of every food I’ve tried to add so far. It offers a weight diary, exercise diary (which is never used by me) and a great selection of healthy recipes. It’s fast and easy to get started and can be used with or without the “in the cloud” backup (but that is the only backup available, unfortunately).

Although it keeps totals on daily fat, calories, carbs and protein on the food diary screen, Calorie Counter does not offer the option to determine which nutrients to track (which is bad for me, since I track fiber). I have had some crashing issues (of the app, not the phone) when using it, but it’s good enough for me to be patient and hope for continued improvements.

Next time, I’ll share a few of the utilities I can’t imagine living without. 🙂

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