A Fantastic New Year!

There’s something about this year, something unexpected. It’s good. Maybe it’s the sucky economy or the over-publicized notion of December 21, 2012 as the end of times, or maybe it’s the political mayhem and the social apathy that is running rampant… but for whatever reason, I wasn’t expecting much out of 2012.

But here we are, just barely into this year, and I can feel the difference. I thought 2011 was ok, not great, but ok. Things were going in the right direction for me personally, but progress had been slow and, honestly, I didn’t expect improvement to flourish in 2012. (Maybe that’s why I’m so thrilled for the first few days to be going so well.) Maybe things being better than expected really does create a boost — a sense of joy.

Either way, this is going to be a great year! Last year, so many things were up in the air, so many things needed to be decided and done. It was never-ending. By the end of the year, although exhausted, I noticed that things had started to settle down and now they are starting to hum.

So now, completely out of the blue, I’m anxious to enjoy this year. I hope it’s good for everyone else too!