Screw Hulu Plus

I’ve been a Hulu advocate for several years. I was an “early adopter” — as I tend to be with new technologies and tech-based services. As soon as Hulu Plus was offered, I signed up and started paying my monthly fee. I told my friends, I encouraged family to join, I blogged about how great it was – several times – as new features arrived.

Now, while I was sick over the holidays and was stuck lying in bed for many days (flu, strep and a double ear infection, no less)… I turned to Hulu Plus to entertain me. I had lots of shows in my queue that had been waiting for me to have the time to watch and I started watching.

It took no time before I was disgusted. Every BEGINNING advertisement claims that the “following show is brought to you with limited commercial interruption by” (insert sponsor here). Now, during a 40-minute show, I counted 20 — YES TWENTY — commercials! When I started, there were two, maybe three commercials tops per episode. Now, there’s one ever two minutes of show time, on average? And I’m PAYING a monthly FEE for this? Not to mention that I’m also paying for the bandwidth (I use a 3G hotspot connection for my primary Internet service) — so I get to pay Hulu a monthly fee to watch a slew of commercials and then I get to pay AGAIN for the bandwidth to enjoy them.

So, I’m done. I’m getting off the Hulu bandwagon and hope the greedy little bastards lose many more formerly loyal customers as a result of these poor business decisions. I tried to find a support email or number to let them know how I felt and to ask if they had any plans to change it back — but I couldn’t find a way to contact them easily so I gave up.

It’s easier just to cancel and warn my readers to avoid paying to be pitched so much advertising. And… to ask if someone else has a good solution for TV shows… other than Netflix — which I’ve already signed up for and am enjoying.

NOTE: As I cancelled my account, they finally DID produce a number to contact them: Contact our customer support at 1-888-273-8989, 5AM-10PM PST on weekdays, 6AM-10PM PST on weekends. In case anyone else has looked everywhere for this to no avail.