The Writing Life

I’m enjoying my new direction. This is the second month on this path. It’s difficult to change gears from client work all day, every day to writing and writing-supporting activities every day, but it’s worth the growing pains.

For years I’ve put off today for tomorrow, I’ve selected security instead of adventure. I’ve been so busy making lists and planning and looking ahead that I seldom took proper time to look at my feet — where they were currently standing. It’s sad how little I have appreciated my life in the struggle to improve it and move it forward. I am glad that I’ve finally stopped. Better late than never, right?

There are still the usual responsibilities and dramas and frustrations, but I see them differently. Aside from the daily tasks (the menial ones that I enjoy more now than I used to) — I’m living for today. It’s scary, it’s uncertain, and it requires a great deal of self-control — but it’s so very worth it.

I’m glad I’m finally mature enough to see that — I only wish I’d figured it out when I was a little younger. But, mostly — I’m glad it didn’t happen later… or not at all.

(photo courtesy of Steve Knight)

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