Get OFF my Dole! I’m Mad as Hell

Free Pizza for FoodStamp Recepients I’ve always been opinionated. I’ve always been pretty vocal about those opinions. Today, my dander is up. Today, I’m mad as hell.

The stock market slid over 600 points today (after over 500 one day last week), but that actually makes me happy. At least the stock market is beginning to reflect the state of the union – something it has failed to do for months and months. I do hate it for people who have their retirements and personal wealth tied up in the market, because they are losing their butts.

Congress is useless. The Tea-Party folded and signed that blasted agreement to raise the debt limit (sliding in the legislation for the unconstitutional “super congress” at the same time). I have no respect for any of them now.

Our economy sucks, unemployment is up, satisfaction with our representation in Washington is down… and yet these aren’t the things that set me over the edge.

What is it?

It’s the fact that slothful behavior is being rewarded. Those who do the least are being rewarded the most. There is no incentive to work hard to get the “nice” things for your family and yourself — in fact, you get more for less by doing nothing (other than signing up for more benefits). That’s not how this country was founded and it will only serve to sink it. There is a huge difference between the “land of opportunity” and the “land of the free lunch.”

Foodstamps (or EBT cards) now cover fast food — even DELIVERED fast food. And guess what? No tips or sales tax is allowed! Awesome, isn’t it? I can assure you that I will refuse to eat at any restaurant that accepts EBT cards from here on out (even if that means I never eat out again). Here’s a list of “participating” restaurants in the Los Angeles area alone — and it’s EIGHTEEN pages long!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t really afford to have pizza delivered these days. I also don’t buy red meat anymore – it’s too high. I’m working menus around what’s in season and what’s cheap. Think beans and cornbread, garden vegetables from my parents’ garden, and local fare from the Amish store.

I’m cutting back on the AC, swapping out incandescent bulbs for the curly florescent ones I hate, curtailing trips off the farm and trimming all the bills that I can.

Of course, my cell phone isn’t free like it would be if I were on Foodstamps. And my ISP isn’t $10 a month like it would be if I were on the dole. And recently, I saw an article in a local paper that’s using SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) funds to … get this… issue “vouchers” for spaying and neutering of companion pets. I guess I’m the idiot for paying to be a responsible pet owner.

Or maybe I’m the idiot for working so hard to make ends meet…

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