Hulu Disappoints: Super Cookies

key to personal and digital privacy I love Hulu. I’ve been with them (and a PAYING customer since the pro version was first introduced.) I’ve advocated them to my family and friends. I’ve even selected phones based on whether or not there’s a supported Hulu app. I love Hulu.

Then, last week, I read that Hulu was (like many large companies)using super-cookies (inside Adobe flash files). I feel betrayed. I can’t believe they are using cookies that track my every move and store my history. It’s quite disappointing.

After reading the article, I went on a mission to figure out how to remove the existing cookies and resist the logging of future super-cookies. What I found was this article on how to change the flash settings to protect your privacy. I used it to reset my preferences on the Adobe product and I also downloaded Flush, a Mac-specific product to “flush” super-cookies. This little app is now set to launch every time I turn on my MacBook Pro so I flush any existing cookies from the last use of the computer.

We live in a world where there are no secrets, there is no privacy and big business is not in the habit of protecting their customers. Even though I find this particularly disappointing with the companies I once trusted, there’s really no way to get around it… other than to have a personal mission to protect your information yourself. So, do it.


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