Voters: Who Has the Right?

I’m constantly frustrated with the level of “charity” our government feels it has the right to steal from our pockets to give to others. The government is not Robin Hood and those of us who work to make ends meet aren’t the “rich” of society. Many of us are the “barely eeking by” of this society.

I’m not saying that those who need the assistance shouldn’t have it. It’s the abuse of the “help” that makes me crazy. At the very least, those who (for whatever reason) are unable or unwilling to pay their own way — should not be permitted to vote on how the rest of us live our lives and make ends meet.

After much contemplation and even more frustration, I’ve decided that that is the simple solution.

As such, I think anyone on governmental help — either foodstamps (or SNAP/EBT as it’s called these days), free/reduced lunches, SSI, Medicaid, etc. — should not have the right to vote.

Yep, you read that right. And I’m sure I’ll have a great deal of backlash from that view… but I don’t care.

Social Security is a different beast. The people drawing that paid into it and should get it AND retain the right to vote. I also think the right to vote should be restored 12 months after aid ends, but should be revoked the minute any aid is sought again — not granted, but sought.

Sure, everyone has tough times. Many people need occasional, temporary help. But others make this a lifestyle. Those people who are incapable or unwilling to care for their own affairs and support their own families should not have the right to vote for the lawmakers who pass laws dictating how the rest of us run and support ours.

It’s a political conflict of interest that will only result in the total destruction of the American Dream, the Puritan work ethic and the desire to succeed through hard work and dedication — that was the basis of the building of this great nation.

People who live by the grace of the charity of others shouldn’t be a member of the voting public. Voters should vote on how their tax dollars are spent. If they don’t give in to the system (or at least live in a “break even” state), then they shouldn’t vote themselves additional benefits on the back of the shrinking percentage of the populace working to support our nation.