Google Voice is Holding My AT&T iPhone Number Hostage!

Discontinue use of Google Voice on AT&T iPhone I recently tried Google Voice services and, against my usual clandestine ways, I gave it my cell phone number. I wanted to try the SMS service to see if I could eliminate the monthly texting bill. Mistake number ONE.

When I realized that the MMS messages weren’t being delivered through this service, and that ALL my calls were going to GV before my cell (which meant that even my “free” mobile-to-mobile calls were being charged as prime-time minutes) I decided to discontinue my use.

I went in and tried to delete my cell phone number. It refused to let me do that until I gave it another number. So, I begrudgingly gave it my Skype number. Problem solved, right? WRONG!

Even though I completely erased the cell phone number, every single call to my cell number was still going through Google Voice — then Skype — then to my cell.

After battling with this and with AT&T, I FINALLY found the solution and thought I’d share it here for anyone else having the same problem. It’s a “conditional call forwarding” issue that stays in effect, even if you delete your number from Google Voice.

The “cure” is to dial the following on your cell phone: ##004# and the hit the call button. A display will appear showing that your conditional settings have all been erased.

Now, I can finally get the calls to my cell phone number ON my cell phone! Whew!

Hope this helps others – because waiting for help on Google Voice Forums is exasperating.

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