Writer Resources: Book Country

I’ll be adding Writer’s Resources from time to time here on WickedBlog, as I find them. Today, it’s Book Country.

From the site:

Book Country is a social networks for books. Book Country is a place where readers and writers of genre fiction come together to read original fiction, post work or comments, and make a name for themselves. Our free community is a creative and supportive space where fiction writers and readers can give and receive constructive criticism, discover new and entertaining books, discuss and share tips and experiences, and learn about the publishing industry.

In the future Book Country will offer a convenient and affordable way to self-publish eBooks and print books.

Book Country, LLC is a subsidiary of Penguin Group, a Pearson company. Though owned by Penguin Group (USA), Book Country is a separate entity, both legally and practically with full-time Book Country staff members. Book Country is industry-wide in scope – books from all publishing houses will be mentioned on the site, and staff members from all publishers are welcome to participate. Book Country is an equal-opportunity community with the success of our Book Country members at heart.