Playing with Blogsy App for Blogging on My iPad

Blogging App for iPad Yesterday, I read a few reviews and visited the website for a new blogging app for the iPad. It’s called Blogsy and, until now, I’ve been rather unimpressed with those apps claiming to be blogging apps for the iPad/iPhone platform. (This one is ONLY for the iPad, btw.)

All that changed when I put out my $3 last night on iTunes and downloaded this pretty little thing and started using it today. I’m writing this blog on it now and I must say, it’s making the blog process fun. Believe it!

The Good
There’s lots of real estate for composing – even with the keyboard on in landscape mode! The designers have followed the 80/20 rule beautifully by adding nearly everything a typical blogger would need in neat, easy-to-access and visually uncomplicated tool bars on the top and the right side of the screen. It’s pretty. It really is.

It’s also cheap! The developer seems to be responsive to user comments, problems and suggestions and has already submitted a new version to the App Store (currently awaiting the official nod) to address some of those. In the meantime, the price has been lowered until the new version comes out — so now is a great time to buy if you want to try it for yourself.

I’m quite excited to watch as this little app develops and matures — it may easily become one of the most used apps on my iPad.

The Bad
I wish there was a way to add my own photo repository sites to pull the images over and that those icons could join the ones for Flickr, Picasa, YouTube and Google on the right column.

Yes, there’s a Safari-type button there, so I can get there, but there’s no way to favorite or make an icon for the couple sites I use most, so it’s a long and unnecessarily complicated process. I guess I could “go with the flow” and throw up all the images I think I might need onto my seldom-used Flickr account, or start using Picasa, but I’d rather not. Besides, doing that means I can’t do it all from the iPad, and that’s the real goal here.

I’d also like to be able to pull images directly off my iPad to add in. If there’s a way to do that, I’ve not found it.

It would also be nice to work on drafts that are currently in process on my WordPress self-hosted site, or the ability to pull down and edit published posts on the fly. Right now, this will only create new posts and upload them.

I have heard reports of the loss of posts when attempting to upload to a blog — but have not experienced that one myself. I’m writing this blog on Blogsy now! 🙂 I think it would be great to have an automatic backup on the app to prevent data loss — and to prevent that sinking feeling when you just exit an app without hitting a save button and just hope for the best.

The Ugly
There is no ugly to this app. The layout is intuitive and easy to use. Instructions are complete and easy to follow. It’s like a little microcosm of Blogging 101 — with the power to support those of us who have been at it for many years.

Until recently, I didn’t realize how important the icon is to my enjoyment of an app. Sure, it must function well, do the job and not crash — but having a little bit of pretty eye candy makes me happy and this app has that too. (Now, maybe I like it because I still love the classic tools of the writing trade – typewriters, fountain pens… heck, even Quills!) Or maybe my age and sense of nostalgia just gets the better of me from time to time.

If you are a mobile blogger – this may be the next tool in YOUR toolbox.

The Uh-Oh!
***NOTE/UPDATE: Although I still like the little app, it has frustrated my morning. I probably won’t try to blog on it again until the new, more stable version is released — since as I was finishing up the last paragraph, the thing crashed and I lost everything other than the first sentence. 🙁

I had to recreate it from memory… on my MacBook. And this was a crash unrelated to the “uploading” one I’ve read about. This one was while I was trying to add a link. Go figure.

5/20/2011 – update – I’ve played with the Blogsy app quite a bit now, and must say that I love it. Nearly all of the issues I noted before have been addressed and it has now become a permanent resident on my first page of my iPad. I love how responsive and helpful the developer is in answering questions and addressing concerns (see the comments below for a sample!) Thank you for making Blogsy a keeper!

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