The Blessings of a Porch Swing

Porch Swing in spring (courtesy of

My mother called me this morning at 8:00. Nevermind that I went to bed after 3 a.m. (it’s hard to stop when you are working on websites and are on a roll!) I pried myself out of my cozy bed and padded down to the porch to sit on the swing and enjoy the view, the weather, the woods and a better cell phone signal while we talked.

I heard the turkeys up in the woods gobbling (and immediately put Max inside so he wouldn’t go tearing off through the woods and scare them all away, as is his habit). Then I saw two red-headed woodpeckers searching for breakfast in the bark of a nearby tree, I watched the squirrels play and the chipmunks dart in and out of their holes near the little creek.

I told my mother that I had some photos of the current wildflowers to share with her and how wonderful it was to see them as the old ones disappear and the new ones spring up on a daily basis.

She apologized for waking me but wanted to warn me that the storms coming in would probably have me cabin-bound if the water rose in the creeks, as was forecasted. She urged me to go out if I needed anything from the grocery store before the rain started. The food stores are fine, but I appreciated the motherly concern.

I told her that I was glad that she called, because I may have slept through and missed the joys of the early morning on my porch swing, and that’s become a habit since I moved back home to the farm. I told her that sitting there, I felt pretty darn lucky and it helped me to realize how good my life really is.

Then she told me that her own porch swing had always been a place to go and sit and count her blessings. I couldn’t agree more.

It’s hard to sit on my porch swing and be too angsty about anything for too long.