Admin Theme for WP – I’m in LOVE with Dean Robinson!

An example of how different these two WP blogs look on the backside now — thanks to Fluency!

I’ve been working to update WickedBlog, to launch a new simple living blog, and to handle the WordPress sites of many clients. I’m a multi-tasker, and often have multiple sites and multiple windows in each site open at once.

Switching back and forth is a bit irksome, to say the least — especially when the admin end all looks the same. And, when I’m on a roll, I don’t want to have to stop and search to see where I am before I can follow the next brainstorm of ideas.

I literally tripped across this when reading about another plug-in. I found Fluency Admin Theme for WordPress and followed the link to my new best friend’s site. (He of course doesn’t know I exist, but that’s just a silly detail.)

Now I can create my voluntary simplicity blog in the appropriate shade of green, keep WickedBlog all pretty and purply underneath, and I can assign appropriate colors to client blogs too, enabling me to flip-flop between sites without getting all tangled up. (see photo above for in process example.)

The ability to change the color of the backend may not impress some people, but I’m a visual organizer and “assign” things based on colors and shape (I just figured this out in the last couple of years as I have worked to understand my natural, organic style of organizing — which is so much easier than trying to adopt someone else’s idea of how things should be organized.) Colors are a faster flag, mentally. So, when I’m working fast, this really helps.

Best find of the week, IMHO! (And I’ve found a bunch of cool stuff this week.) Please be patient as the dust flies and I continue to update the blog. I think the end result is going to be worth the hassle and the wait.

(Thanks Dean, you are my geeky hero of the day!)