My Tiny House: Cabin Construction is Complete!

1 - Kitchen window before floors, trim and cabinets

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*Note, the photos show progress on my tiny house from January 3 – January 10, 2011. Huge changes in a short time!

So after many years of pursuing my dream of living in a little cabin in the big woods where I can live, write, love and just BE ME… it’s finally happened! Sometimes I pursued it with a passion, sometimes it had to take an unfortunate back seat to everything else that was going on in my life. But, the dream was always there. ALWAYS.

I now own 25 acres of woods with a tiny house of my own design and it’s MINE. It’s not something that I’m making payments on. It doesn’t come with the anchor of a mortgage or debt. It’s for keeps.

From the beginning of November until January 10th, I worked on it (and hired help to work on the parts I simply couldn’t do myself.) I lived in the most outrageous conditions these last 2 1/2 months — almost to the point of insanity to make it happen now, not later. Nothing made it take a back seat this time. Nothing.

Now, with all that said, I owe a great deal of thanks to many people in my life who helped make this happen and who helped me hold it all together while it did.

First and foremost, My father. This cabin, in many ways, is a tribute to that one man’s skill, determination, ingenuity, willingness to go to great lengths (and make sacrifices) to help a daughter make her dreams come true (even if he didn’t always agree with, or “get” the dreams). To my mother for her continued support, despite her belief on numerous occasions that I would eventually come to my senses and not want this particular dream. I think she’s with me 100% these days 😉

To my daughter, Alex, for being amazing. And, for suffering the cold nights, the makeshift cooking facilities, the lumpy futons, and general lack of modern conveniences while we pulled this together the last two months. She’s a real trouper, a great helper and someone who loves this place with a passion that is second only to my own (and she may even trump me at times!)

I also owe thanks to my uncle Ed and cousin David, who helped with expertise and labor when we were in the beginning stages and helped me find great deals on building materials. To my sons for helping over the years (and especially to Byron for the work he picked up and did lately to learn to lay tile and general labor as the end was in sight). To Wayne for the labor he contributed to the project, despite the fact that it was not his dream.

To my subcontractor, Robert, who went through great pains over the last couple months to get me living in a non-temporary fashion, and who sped up the process with much physical labor, know-how and phone work for permits and inspections and such — which helped me to maintain my waivering grasp on sanity the last 10 weeks. He went above and beyond the price he charged me for his work.

To Daphne, my BFF, who always supported my dreams with her encouragement, her investment in me (in every way way imaginable) over too many years to admit to here (for fear of sounding even older than I really am) and her undying belief that I would complete this cabin and be happy here. And to her hubby for supporting me along side her with amazing consistency.

And most recently, to Steve, who has offered me constant encouragement as I made the move back to the farm because he could see past what this place was to what it could be. He helped me to overlook the tools and boards and construction garbage, and was willing to walk through mud and snow and sawdust to visit me (when I needed those visits more than anything else) and always offered a hug and assurance that all was right with my little world and that, yes, I WAS making progress, even when it all felt beyond hopeless. (And, thanks most of all, for being the first person in my life to utter the words, “I’m so very proud of you!” and tell me how awesome what I’d been able to accomplish really was, while using a tone that made me believe him with all my heart.)

So it’s done. As of January 10th, the major construction work is complete! I’ve added photos of the downstairs here, and I may add some of the upstairs later (once I finish sorting things out up here).

I’ll probably spend the rest of my life tweaking and decorating and adding and changing… but the cabin is beautiful, warm, welcoming and … it’s HOME.

To all those mentioned and to anyone I’ve forgotten (my apologies, it’s late)…. THANK YOU!

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