I think I know what happened to the Cookie Monster…

Some time back, a friend told me that one of my favorite Sesame Street characters, the Cookie Monster, had been forced to go “politically correct.” She told me that he no longer went crazy for cookies, but only had them as an “occasional” treat. Now, it seems, he makes healthier choices. Now he likes fresh fruits and vegetables.

Those of you who know me, know I really like fresh, organic, and healthy foods. I preach it, walk the walk (most days) and encourage/educate others — anyone who will listen.

But, COME ON… seriously? The Cookie Monster has begun to limit and/or shun cookies? What kind of weird, wacky parallel universe have I stepped into?

Then the a couple of weeks ago, I was out “treasure hunting” with my son and we found the answer. The Cookie Monster was MURDERED! He was viciously slain and an impostor stepped into his non-existent shoes! How do I know?

Because I found proof of what happened to the original, lovable, cuddly, junk food junkie. I found the body!

Cookie Monster has been skinned and made into a Chair and Ottoman!

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