Slowing Down to Gear Up

The harried pace that my life has been for many, MANY months is slowing down. It’s odd to have a few minutes to call my own per day — that aren’t taken up with business tasks, second job work tasks and domestic affairs.

I’m still doing the Census thing in addition to my “real” work, but it’s tapering off, finally. Its been a great change of pace from my (usually) solitary work style. Changing my location before starting the new phase helped curb the Census mania. The current crew is much smaller, so there are fewer people to manage (20 instead of 200) and much of the work is in the rural parts of the state.

WickedWriter is gearing up lately, some great new clients have appeared in addition to my favorite long term clients — but even that boost in business seems manageable now. There are lots of inquiries lately, but I’ve only accepted a couple new folks that seemed to be a good fit. I’m getting back on a regular schedule so I don’t feel the obligation to work all night and then get up at the crack of dawn and start all over again. Money stretches further and the bills are much smaller.

My personal responsibilities are lighter, so my need to push hard all the time is starting to reduce to a manageable level. I actually have “down time” occasionally – and I sometimes watch a movie without trying to get something done WHILE watching. (That’s nice.)

Life has changed course dramatically (doesn’t it always have a habit of doing that?!), but I have to believe that all things happen for a reason.

The next couple of months should be interesting. The planning phase for my next adventure has begun and should be complete by October. Planning consists mainly of boiling down my life to core essentials and extracting everything that’s not in that category. But, planning is also mental — getting my head in the right place to take the next steps.

I did this once before and was almost there when my life exploded with people and activities and possibilities and responsibilities and love and all forms and varieties of external forces. Suddenly my simple life became less sitting still and more perpetual motion. I liked it, loved it even — but the time has come for yet another new beginning.

It’s easier to find my direction when not riding a roller-coaster. I’ve always adored roller coasters; I’ve always been an adrenaline-junkie. It’s exciting and fun and terrifying and a real rush — but it’s not really the best way to read a map or plot a course. It makes achieving goals more difficult.

As I make headway on the new plans, I’ll share — but for now, I’m plodding along looking for a sense of serenity and placing one foot carefully in front of the other. For now I’m securing what I need to take the next steps. For now, I’m ok.