Tiny House: Country Cabin on Kentucky Hillside – SOLD!

I was contacted recently by a reader who asked if I’d managed to find a real estate agent that specialized in tiny houses and unique settings. (I haven’t.)

Linda Paulus said she was a fan of my blog and, although I didn’t know of a real estate agent specializing in “living small,” I took a look at her little country cabin and all the lovely photos and decided to steal a few of the photos that Linda has up on her site to share here with my readers who are also tiny house lovers.

These are nice, but some of the photos she has posted are exquisite. Check out the full collection for yourself here: A Little Cabin Hideaway for Sale in the Woods of Kentucky. (update: site is down now that cabin has sold.)

If I didn’t already own a little cabin in the woods, I’d probably have called to make her an offer! Orchard trees, grapes, barn, wildlife, wildflowers, log cabin, several acres of land, peace and solitude… what more could a person need?

I hope you find an excellent new owner and caretaker for your little hideaway cabin, Linda.

And thanks for reading!

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