The Death of an iMac

After a year and a half of singing the praises of my iMac to anyone who would tolerate it, my iMac died. The warranty was over six months ago, of course. So, at first I thought it was a hard drive issue. I researched and tried to figure out how to use my non-firewire MacBook to transfer the information using “target disk mode” which was impossible, the best I can tell.

After a week of working whenever I had a free moment, I gave up and trotted it into the Geek Squad and had them check it out. Apparently, it’s not disk problem, it’s a motherboard problem (Oh, LOVELY!) So, I bought a hard drive enclosure and came home and voided my warranty, which as we had already established, was already void. I pulled out the hard drive and then spent forever getting all the stuff off it and onto my MacBook.

I still love mac, but I’m less thrilled with the iMac for obvious reasons. I mean, seriously, a screen of that size and there’s no way to even use it as a second monitor (no video input option)??!!? Seriously?! What an insanely expensive paperweight I now own.

I’m using the MacBook as my only computer at the moment. It makes me nervous, since I carry the little guy with me everywhere. REALLY nervous. But that’s where I am now.