Cool Tools for My Mac

I’ve been perusing some of the freebie and low-cost options to improve my iMac and my MacBook and to make my iPhone a better organizational and entertaiment all-in-one tool. I found some really cool stuff, and I thought I’d share!

Fluid – Tired of having that slow-down-to-a-crawl experience in your current browser when you have a slew of web-apps open at once? Me too! I was looking for a way to shortcut some of the more essential ones (like Google Apps) onto my Mac’s dock when I tripped across this little gem. It’s a free download and saves a great deal of time by turning your favorite URLs into great little custom-icon encrusted goodness!

iPhone Explorer – Wanna drag and drop stuff onto your iphone from your Mac? Yeah, me too. Here’s a freebie program for just that purpose. Why carry an additional flash drive? Not only for Macs, it’s also available for PC platforms.

HuluDesktop – stay logged into this sleekly designed desktop (adjustable sized) one-stop for your favorite TV shows, clips and full-length feature films. It also allows the use of your iMac remote (or the remote on your iPhone). Keep it in your dock, you’ll need it. Now, if ONLY they would make an iPhone app for Hulu… pretty please?!?

VLC media player – I discovered this during my Linux days and I keep a copy of this on EVERY machine I’ve touched since then. Why scramble around looking for something to play this format or that format in audio or video when this one plays (almost) all of them?

HandBrake – fruity little video decoder and wonder tool that lets me rip that DVD I love and move it from the dusty shelf into a properly formatted and awesome iPhone format so I can take it with me and actually FINALLY get around to watching it — something I seldom have time to do in one sitting or in front of a big screen. I’m all about the mobility and the “being entertained” instead of being frustrated when I find myself in situations where I have to wait on anyone or anything. (Also good for other formats, btw, and works on Linux and PC as well as Mac. Try it, you will like it!)

Seashore – A quick image editor. Want to crop and change an image a little without having to learn an entire manual of stuff (like you do with GIMP?) If you are working under the 80/20 rule you are probably going to want to try this little gem.It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s not for big hairy jobs — but it may be JUST what you need.

Stanza – Making your Mac work as a master library server to get every ebook you ever imagined on your iPhone. Love it, love it, love it. Did I mention I love it?!? (Also works for PC.) Download the app for your iPhone too!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!