Serenity… Sleet, Ice and Snow Slows Life

This last week was an interesting one for people in Kentucky. The weather took an twist and I must say I actually enjoyed the whole experience. I know many people were without basic services, and my opinion may be slanted by the fact that I didn’t lose electric or water. I only had a short stint without the Internet.

I spent the time visiting, cooking, relaxing and generally enjoying my little weather-induced mini-vacation. The weekend brought temperatures in the 50s and 60s and all the ice and snow that was frosting my world is gone. The weatherman says we may be in store for a bit more snow today and tomorrow, but nothing will match the huge silver-dollar sized flake-clusters that fell from the sky or the uber-thick coating of ice on each tiny sprig of grass on the ground, branch on every tree and everything else.

I hate that there was so much destruction. (My parents lost most of the old trees (and many of the younger ones) in their yard.) But the natural world in turmoil sure adds a new facet to things. It was so pretty and so deadly. That mix is oddly compelling. I spent much of my time out taking photos and the one posted here is one of my favorites. I hope all my friends are recovering and that everyone has power back.

And regardless of how it makes me sound… I miss the ice.