Best two weeks I’ve had in years…

The last two weeks have been amazing.

*Shhhh!* (Just saying it may jinx my luck, so I’ll whisper the rest…)

I’ve not even taken the time to blog because I’ve been so busy and so bubbly and I didn’t want the good stuff to end. (Yeah, sometimes I really AM that superstitious.)

Eliminated the Storage Unit

I’ve made so much progress since the first of December, that I’ve been amazed. During the first week, my youngest son came down and spent four days with me, helping me to clean out my storage unit (there are only three items left — and those will be cleaned out by the end of the month). So that’s one monthly bill that’s now been eliminated. I despise storage units. I think they represent the conspicuous consumption in our country.

Having one was a painful prospect for me, but with all the moves in the last two years… one became necessary. Now, I’m glad I had it. My son just got his first (rental) house and with the stuff in my storage unit and at my farm, he’s got pretty much everything needs now. It felt really good to help him get started. That was my combination Christmas gift and housewarming gift for him.

Organized Boxes

Byron also worked with me to organize and clean out the boxes of stuff that needed to be sorted. I donated a slew of stuff to Goodwill and go the farm in a condition that I can begin working on the cabin again. THAT feels really good!

I also “found” some of the things I’d been missing that was driving me crazy… like the charger and extra battery for my camera, among other things. and CNN

In November I was invited by to be their representative blogger from Kentucky. They invited one blogger from each state to talk about the economy and politics and the impact on the local area. Quite a feather in my cap… and a great deal of fun. Then, my particular piece was picked up by CNN. Nice, huh?

Airstream finds a new home

During this same first week in December, I received a deposit to hold my Airstream for an out-of-the-country buyer. Her representative flew up on a Wednesday (in his little Cesna) to take a peek at Serenity. The details were all arranged and she was delivered to North Carolina today.

The most exciting thing is that the buyer (currently residing in the Bahamas) is shipping her overseas to the UK where she plans to summer in her during 2009. An interior decorator, she plans to completely rework Serenity. I feel confident that Serenity’s found a good home with someone who will appreciate her. Of course my RV is doing more traveling than I am. *shucks!*

Like my purchase of the farm from a lady in Israel, my sale of Serenity has an interesting international twist. God bless the Internet! (The buyer found me on Marketplace on Facebook.)

The Credit Card Bites the Dust

By the middle of next week, my credit card will be paid off and filed away for emergencies only. In the current economic situation, I can’t afford to owe money, so I’m eliminating that as much as possible and as quickly as possible. I’ll be running on a cash basis now.

Too many people owe too much and acquire what they can’t afford and don’t need and hope that they never have to pay more than the “minimum” without any intent to pay off their debts in full. It’s a disease of our society and it’s sinking our country. I refuse to be a part of it.

The Apartment Comes Together

I’ve been living in this apartment for six months. I’ve lived with very little of what I want and need. Why? Because I couldn’t get what I wanted and needed moved in by myself. So, I’ve lived in this limbo-land. I despise limbo… it’s my least favorite place to be.

Byron helped me get things moved in last week in between all the other stuff we did. Last weekend I arranged, decorated and organized everything in the main room. This weekend, I’ll spend the time required to finish the work up.

Pops has agreed to help me build the euro-style sink and cabinet I need to add the final touches. I think we may try to do that in January. I still need to get my final measurements and draw up the plans.

This tiny apartment is becoming the efficient, organized, workhorse that I always wanted to create in a small space. I love tiny houses and tiny spaces. Always have. Now, I’m creating one here. It’s pretty amazing.

My father saw what I’ve done here and informed me that there’s “apparently a whole movement on living in smaller spaces” — duh… really? Go figure! I don’t think that man has ever read any of my blogs. And sometimes I wonder if he actually HEARS me when I speak. EVER. πŸ™‚

A lead on the truck

I bought a truck a few months ago that needs a new transmission. It’s been sitting and waiting for me to find the time and the money to get it up and running. The only thing I wish that it had that it doesn’t (other than a new transmission) is a manual transmission. Last night, while talking to some family, they told me that they knew of a truck of the same model that was for sale. It was priced right because the body isn’t great. The engine and the transmission (a manual, btw) are both in great shape.

Long story short, I’ve asked them for an estimate on taking that truck and transferring the transmission to my truck. It will be alot less expensive than getting a new transmission and I’ll have the extra parts to help keep my little old truck running. It’s not that I relish the idea of having a “spare parts” truck around… but as the times get leaner, I’m sure that would be more welcome.

Chances are good that I’ll have the truck I wanted with the manual transmission that makes me happy, an extra engine and extra parts all for less money than it was going to cost me to get the current transmission fixed. Now isn’t that sweet?

I just have to find a place to properly store it on the farm so I don’t end up feeling like (or looking like) a hillbilly…*where DID I put those cement blocks?*…


Selling on eBay

I may spend this weekend getting some of the extra stuff I’m ready to discard put on eBay. I’ve been planning to do that for ages, but always have a good excuse why I’m not doing it yet. I’m too busy, there’s too much else I need to be doing, it’s a drag, maybe I should rethink it… etc., etc.

I’ve noticed that as I have made progress in these areas that are so important to me, it’s given me the stamina to forge ahead and do even more! So, maybe after the open house this weekend (a Christmas thing that my landlady is hosting), I’ll be able to do that.

(My landlady is awesome and is so impressed with what I’ve done with the little place, she asked if I would be willing to let her show it off during the open house. I’m flattered to the point of distraction and, of course, agreed.)

So, I’m going to take a couple of the boxes of stuff that need to be listed on eBay and try to get them up this weekend so they will sell before Christmas and I can get them shipped out for holiday delivery. I’m actually excited about this.

Buying on eBay

I’ve been evaluating what I want in life lately. And at the ripe old age of 42 (almost 43 now), I can honestly say that there’s very little on my “want” list. And many of the things I do want I now have or have made plans to achieve… like getting out of debt, fixing the truck, finishing the cabin, etc.

Other than these big items the rest are smallish things. I made my list. I want a nice pair of diamond stud earrings — not too small, not too large. Good quality, preferably in platinum with screw on backs so I can wear them without worry. I know it’s not “living small” but I don’t care, I want them. Besides, if I have those I can sell most of the ones I currently own on eBay, right?

I want a pair of black leather boots like the ones I wore out a few years back. They were Cole Haan, western styled and made me feel ten feet tall, bullet-proof, and a just bit cocky whenever I wore them. You simply can’t wear that kind of boot without exuding attitude. The replacements will probably have a less slick sole so I can wear them on a bike, but they must easily lend themselves to the creation of that aura of attitude.

I want a bike — one larger than the beep-beep. Probably about a 650 cc — and I want it with the running board styling rather than traditional motorcycle styling. I want it to have a comfortable seat for Alex. And I want a thick leather jacket to extend the riding season a bit. Now would be the perfect time to buy it since it’s off season, and since gasoline is now down to about $1.50 per gallon… but I’m cash poor, so it will have to wait.

This week I nailed one of those items. I bid on and won a pair of tiny diamond studs. I took a chance on them, despite the fact that they were smaller than what I wanted. I figured they would work well until I could afford the size I sought. Thankfully, the size was misquoted. The seller quoted them as just under a quarter carat for both… when in fact they were EACH right at a quarter carat. In platinum, acorn style screw backs and good quality stones… all for *drum roll*…


I’m a jewelry lover and this kind of find was, well, amazing. The seller received them from an old flame and said it was “time to move on” so she was selling them. It’s probably the best deal I’ve ever made on eBay! I have priced them out based on the size, clarity, color and setting. Value for these little gems is between $600 and $900! Currently they are securely screwed into my earlobes where they will stay for a very, VERY long time. πŸ˜€

Popping the cork

Over a year ago I bought a bottle of champagne. I purchased it in the hope of drinking it soon… when things started to turn around and life got good again. It’s now been in my refrigerator for over 12 months… waiting. Tonight, I go against my “never drink alone” rule and pop the cork on that baby. It’s not an expensive bottle… but it does have a cork and that’s good enough. (I have absolutely NO “taste” when it comes to wine and such because I despise most of what other people tell me is “the good stuff” — but that serves my budget well.) *I just hope that it’s not so old that it has turned to vinegar* πŸ™‚

So tonight I relax in my newly redecorated tiny apartment, sip a glass or two of bubbly and reflect on the fact that despite the crumminess that has been 2007 and 2008… that ALREADY 2009 is looking a bit better!

And all this… ALL of it… has happened since December 1st!

(Pretty photo courtesy of razvandm)