Preparing for taxes…now

I’m working on getting all my ducks in a row, now… before December 31st. I’ve taken the opportunity to do so while I’m feeling all “under the weather” lately. I had to do something to help me feel better (and when I’m sick, even taxes don’t really make me feel any worse!)

I’m making sure I have copies of all my receipts and am organizing all my invoices and proofs of payment. I’m getting all those notes with mileage pulled together in one place (yeah, I know I should have KEPT them more organized, but I didn’t). Oh well.

It is my hope, that on January 2nd, I’ll be able to stick my taxes in the mail. Yeah, I really know how to party! I really know how to ring in the New Year. Whoo-Hooo!

But, by starting now, I’ve got a goal that will actually reduce my stress at the beginning of the year instead of postponing it. I despise the paperwork and the hassle… but I’m really excited about making it end early this year… err… next year.

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