Favorite App of the Day: Sims for my iPhone!

A whole little Village of Sims on my iPhone!
A whole little Village of Sims on my iPhone!

I’ve been looking and looking at the apps store for JUST what I found last night…

Tiny little sims for my iPhone. Life is almost complete, now.

This appears to be made by the same company who created the earlier, more rudimentary version for my formerly beloved Treo (called Village Sims). The company that created both the older rendition and this new “Virtual Villagers: A New Home” is Last Day of Work. But, in the apps store, the seller is listed as Vivendi Games Mobile, (but it is copyrighted by Big Fish Games of LDW fame.)

When I ordered from LDW before, the customer service was amazing. I really like them as a company.

With this app going through Apple’s app store, I’m not sure how much direct contact I’ll have with the developers — if LDW is in fact the creator of this port. (I may have to drop them a line to inquire and then thank them for creating these cute little guys for my iPhone.)

Coolest new feature? The mini-games you can play to speed up the progress of the itty-bitty people learning new skills.

Biggest frustration? Grabbing them isn’t easy. I have to try multiple times to tap successfully to pick them up and move them where I want them to be. (Hoping this will be fixed in the next update.)

So, if you have been jonesing for some little sims for your iPhone, your wish is granted. And, it’s just one more way iPhone rules the smartphone/gaming/communication realm.

Not that I’m biased, or anything.

(note: Photo taken using the built-in screenshot tool on my iPhone – just hold down the home button and briefly tap the top button. The screenshot will be added to your camera roll automagically!)