Costumes for Wicked: Who Knew They Were So Detailed?

First, let me say that I don’t sew. EVER. I suck at sewing — loudly. So, I accept that this is not one of my talents. I embrace it. Heck, I don’t even sew on buttons when I can help it. (When a button flies off, I consider it a divine indication that I need to donate said item to Goodwill). I know, I know, I’m thrifty in so many ways… this just isn’t one of them.

Secondly, let me admit that I love to see the creations of those who make art with fabric. I admire textile gurus. With that said, I tripped across this today, and thought I’d share.

At this time of the year (one of my favorite holidays) I thought others may be interested in seeing how really awesome costumes (albeit for the stage) are constructed.