iMac, apartment life, public school and a moped

Life is full of transitions of late.

I made the leap to a new iMac! So far, I’m loving it. I do, however, find that I’m pretty busy right now between getting all my old info backed up and transferred to the new machine, settling into my new “small is beautiful” apartment, and working to transition WickedBlog and WickedWordCraft to a whole new platform (TBA soon, I hope).

In the meantime the client work is keeping me hopping during the day and my personal life is absorbing all my evenings. Nothing exciting, mind you… just getting organized.

So, if you don’t see a regular flurry of updates for the next couple of weeks… now you know why.

I’m also working on transitioning my daughter to public school again (with additional “home school” work in the evenings to maintain her educational progress). We are doing this on a trial basis, so it may not last for the entire year. She’s been doing school work all through the summer and wants more than anything to rejoin her peers in the public system.

Peers are important when you are 10. So, depending on her performance at home and at school, we shall see how it goes. If she doesn’t do well, I will pull her back home to continue with the current homeschooling schedule.

I’m looking into a summer program for her next year at Duke — for gifted writers. At the age of 10 she really impresses me with her writing. (She actually puts my own creative skills to shame!) I may do web content, copywriting and such, but she’s probably the true novelist in the family. I want to encourage that and Duke has an amazing (although expensive) summer program for young writers. I’ll be looking for other options between now and next summer, but this is the best I’ve seen so far.

In my spare time, I’ve been learning to use my little moped (aka “the beep-beep”) to get around town, do grocery shopping, run errands, etc. I currently have my motorcycle permit and will be trying for the license in August so Alex can ride with me again (legally this time, now that I know the difference).

Prince (the puppy) is also learning to stay on the platform so he can ride with me. He hates the getting on, getting off part, but loves the “riding with wind in my hair” part.

Lots of changes, but I’m happy. REALLY happy. And that’s nice for a change.

I’ll be back soon, once the bulk of the transitions are made. Until then, bear with me.

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