My Picks: Best New iPhone Apps

I’m loving the new iPhone apps. I love that many of the best ones are free.

Freebies Worth Gold

Pandora – Now I can have my Pandora tunes in my pocket! I only wish I could have them playing in the background while I did other things, like I can with the tunes on my iPhone through iTunes. If you already have an account at, it takes seconds to connect and start enjoying.

Morocco – Because I love “reversi” games and can’t get enough of having a computer kick my butt.

Picocalc – I use this tiny program as a way to keep a running balance on my checking account. No muss, no fuss — I always know where I am.

Light – Although there’s a paid version of this, this freebie is better. I use my iPhone’s considerable backlighting power to “light my way” quite often, and this tiny app makes it easier — I no longer have to find a screen that’s bright to use, this one is an all-white screen. You will be amazed HOW bright this thing is.

Shazam – A music identification tool that actually works. Hold it up to the speaker when a song is playing and it gives you the complete stats (artist, song, album, etc.) along with the option to buy it on iTunes.

eBay – bidding from the iPhone on the day’s “must have” items just got simple… maybe too simple! I’ll probably go broke!

Twitterriffic – An easy way to twitter on the go. Beautiful interface. It’s like having twhirl in my pocket. Driving has never been so dangerous! A paid version is available that will remove the ads. I’m ok with free for now. (Tried another Twitter client, but it kept throwing errors.)

Puluwai – A real estate tool that should capture the attention of all real estate agents. I tested it on some of the most rural areas of Kentucky with great results. Love this thing!

Weight Tracker – An easy way to face the horrible truth, right there on your iPhone… EVERY TIME YOU TURN IT ON! Has online sync and standalone options. I’ll keep my info to myself, thank you. 🙂

Zenbe – nice little “to do” list app that’s free, and (supposedly) works with the website. After syncing my iphone, I don’t see my to do lists on yet… but maybe that’s something they are still working out. After all, it’s just been released. Even as a stand alone, it’s a nice list app.

Spinner – Infuriating game that promises to become addictive. Uses the iPhone as the controller, twisting and turning it to get the arrow to the goal location.

Cube Runner – Another infuriation masquerading as a game. But, I like the abuse.

Blip Solitaire – great for the old computer folks who remember playing pong. It’s like lonely-girl pong. I like it, but my fingers seem to get in the way of seeing where the blip is when I whirl it 360 degrees.

Rotary Dialer – Cool little app. Fun, if useless. Allows you to low-tech your high-tech iPhone into a standard rotary phone. Animations are nice and the touch screen lends itself well to this use.

Molecules – this will be a cool app when Alex gets to that section of her science studies. Allows the 3-D virtual manipulation of a string of dna. (At least I THINK it’s DNA!) Offers a great view of what’s possible with 3-D rendering for this device.

iPint – because it’s funny and amuses me. I don’t even like beer, but the idea of “drinking” it from an iPhone is something I find cool, for some reason. It’s a free version of the iBeer and the iMilk type applications. Why pay for novelty if you can get it for free?

NYT – Nice way to peruse the headlines in the NYT quickly on my iPhone — and the ability to read the whole story with a single tap. Ad block at the bottom isn’t too bad. Is worth it to get this info for free.

Am still playing with “Pocketpedia” and “Mobile News” and “PayPal” and “Facebook” apps. No determination on those yet.

I’m going to be playing with “Where” and “VoiceNotes” and “TruPhone” and “eReader” programs over the next few days.


I purchased a few things too. I must say that Monkeyball makes me crazy. I can’t seem to manipulate that marble anywhere I try. I will never get past the second level. Ever. I think I hate it… but if I ever get any good at it, my attitude may change. The graphics are quite impressive.

FuelGauge– Helping me to keep up with gas mileage (with an eye toward conservation) on both my car and my moped. Simple easy to use interface that simply works. (.99 pricetag)

VoiceRecorder – May be helpful, but it’s awfully low, even with my mouth right next to the iPhone. Since buying this, I’ve found several other apps with this as one of the features, so it may not last on my iPhone.

iGotchi is a cute Tamagotchi immulation (and cheaper than the physical version), but it does take the “parenting” of the little thing seriously. If you get five warnings for neglect, your little fluffy-fuzzy guy goes away and you have to EMAIL the company and explain why you should have another chance to do better before it’s returned. Not sure about that! (But if my daughter had an iPhone, I’d think this would be a great way to pre-test prior to an actual pet!) My daughter is NOT getting an iPhone, however.