Stretching and Growing…old?!?!

The birthday boy and his little sister The last month has been a time of stretching and growing for me. (Or maybe it’s been a time of feeling incredibly old and I’m just looking for a silver lining.) My youngest son graduated high school and moved to begin his new life in the city, with college and new friends and pursuits. My eldest left his teen years and became a man of 20. My daughter, the baby, is 10 and is stretching for independence. I’m not quite an “empty-nester” but I am experiencing some of that feeling of simultaneous emptiness and freedom.

It’s an interesting time as I look over my life that’s been filled with running a business and raising children over the past couple of decades and I wonder, “What do I do for the NEXT 20 years?” I must admit the options are staggering and I’m spending much of my mental energy exploring them. I’ve determined that quality of life for me means time to call my own, even if that means less money. Thankfully, this is hitting at a time when my expenses are naturally (and intentionally) diminished. I’m whittling away at the last remnants of debt.

Balance is becoming quite real for me after all these years of preaching and I’m applying the 80/20 rule to my business and my life. It makes each action more planned and requires less auto-pilot and more concentration. The benefit? My life is starting to de-stress, my business is becoming more focused and I’m starting to feel a little more in control.

It’s bizarre at this point in my life to realize I can do anything I want to do … as soon as I figure out what that is. Too many options are overwhelming and even having a few of them nailed down doesn’t prevent twinges of scary (and exhilaratingly) stuff from coursing through my veins.

So even at more than twice their age, I’m in step with both of my sons. As they decide what’s next for them — I’m figuring out what’s next for me!