Simple Wardrobe for Home Office Workers

Trimming down my belongings... starting with the closet. I’ve looked at other “simple” clothing lists and I find them to be too extensive for my needs and desires. I’m going to lose weight … someday… but for now, I’m tired of waiting for the “right” wardrobe. Now, I’m ready to simplify what I have and get rid of what doesn’t fit, isn’t flattering or isn’t comfortable.

I figure when I do lose weight (note the “when” is not an “if”) that buying new clothes will be a treat instead of a chore.

After pruning my wardrobe (again) and after trying to determine what I REALLY need in my closet to do my work, feel comfortable, and have what I need for any “event” without needing to dash out and buy something new — I’ve settled on the following list of basics.


  • White pin-point tailored oxford button-down shirt
  • Long-sleeve natural linen (ethnic) tunic top
  • Silk patterned suit blouse
  • Plain white t-shirt
  • Black “Attitude” T-shirt (Janice Joplin one right now)
  • Long-sleeved button-down shirt (lavender mini-check)
  • Lavender long sleeve crew-neck cotton shirt
  • Bright 3/4 sleeve shirt, princess seam button-front with collar (solid red)
  • Black silk (washable) or Khaki tunic-length tank top
  • Sheer, flowing patterned shirt with butterfly sleeves (for over tank and camisole tops)
  • Black short sleeve Mock-turtleneck (for hot weather) / Black classic turtleneck (for cold weather)


  • Cotton fine-cable twin set (in Oatmeal)
  • Black V-neck all-weather fine-gage cotton sweater
  • Black short-sleeved collared sweater (ribbed)
  • Dark sleeveless sweater (chocolate brown or black)


  • Pair of Jeans (yes, just my favorite pair)
  • Pair of casual black/dk brown twill pants
  • Pair of khaki slacks (cold weather) or long khaki shorts (warm weather)
  • Long indigo skirt (Denim or Tencel – my preferred fabric)

Sets/Suits/Full Outfits

  • Swimsuit
  • Scrub suit (for lounging and painting and remodeling)
  • Tea-length machine washable patterned sheath tank dress
  • High Quality Basic Black All-Season suit (jacket, long skirt, slacks)


  • Sleepshirt
  • Four camisole bra tops (brown, white, black, lilac)
  • 3 pair white socks/5 pair black socks
  • 2 pair of tights/hose (one light, one dark)
  • 2 white bras/2 black bras
  • 10 pair undies (5 each black and white)

Accessories/Other Stuff

  • Black leather organizer purse
  • Go-bag (electronics/mobile office or weekend of clothes)
  • Keen Sandals (or tennis shoes)
  • Pair of basic black leather heels
  • Boots (work, hiking or western)
  • Silk scarf (multi colored/patterned)
  • Leather coat – stadium length
  • Leather gloves

By most standards, this list is sparse. That’s ok. It’s not colorful. That’s ok, too — I prefer basic. By modern “norms,” my housing desires are also small.

I don’t want multiple closets or a huge one and I prefer to hang everything because I find that folded clothes seldom look as good on as hung ones do. It’s easier to find what I’m looking for in the bleary-eyed a.m. hours if everything is hanging in one place. (It’s also faster to hang clothes than it is to properly fold them, and I’m all about the efficiency.)

The way I see it, I have a washer and a dryer, and I’m not afraid to use them. I prefer NOT to have enough clothes that I don’t have to keep things done up. I don’t like having mounds of dirty clothes and with my most recent purge, I can’t. I may cut back more in the future, but this is good for now.

Now, I have only the clothes I really love. I have just a few of them and all is right with the world.