Another facelift for WickedBlog

Bear with me as I work around WickedBlog to make it a bit more “clean” in appearance and function. I’ve always gone dark with graphics and the visual impact of my blog, but I think it’s time to let a little light shine in.

As I’m struggling to simplify my physical, psychological and personal surroundings, I’m also simplifying my online and digital existence.

So, the look of WB will be changing for the next few weeks as I figure out how to clean things up, keep it easy on the eyes, easy to navigate and find what you want, make sure it validates properly and take special pains so that my “simplification” kick doesn’t get offset by a too-low text to code ratio or any of the other search engine “no-no” paths.

Hopefully, when I finish up, I’ll have a better product for my readers and an easier to maintain platform for myself. (I’d appreciate any feedback on what works and what’s not working here as I make the changes.)