Simplicity NOW! (And I really mean it)

I’m taking some serious steps to simplify my life. Yeah, yeah, I know, I say that all the time. But seldom do I actually start pulling out my possessions and start listing them on eBay. I’m doing that now. I’m selling sterling silver flatwear, pewter pieces, and I’ll soon be adding jewelry and other trinkets.

If this first week of throwing out my “eBay net” works well, I’ll be digging into storage and pulling out more stuff to sell. I’m tired of being tied to so much stuff. Yeah, I have less “stuff” than most people I know and YES, I’ve sorted through it and managed to keep only the ‘best of the best’ from my collections.

But it’s still too much. I’m tired of the responsibility of it all.

My biggest desire right now is to be out of debt. COMPLETELY out of debt and it’s close. I’m almost there. So what’s the purpose of having all this stuff and having to put in extra hours to keep it insured and protected, dry and safe, to worry about it disappearing in a fire or by theft?

Life is too short.

After all, my dream is to travel light. And right now, I’m travelling pretty heavy through this life. So, if the first 7-day auctions go well, I’ll add more and continue to simplify my life. I’ll do it. I can and I will!

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