Moving email from Kontact to Evolution in Linux

I’m seriously considering moving from Kubuntu to Ubuntu. If I do so, I’ll want to use Evolution to handle my email and to serve as my PIM. Before I make that move, I wanted to try Evolution on Kubuntu.

First snag? Getting my email moved over.

I have all my essential information under a data storage file folder on my home folder — so I always know where my most important data is stored. This means when I set up a new system (or do a re-gen of a current OS) I point my programs to where the data is always stored so I don’t have to “hunt and peck” to find my mission critical info. I also don’t have to spend an afternoon Googling “where does ______ store ______” over and over again.

Since I’m just testing the Evolution, I made sure that the accounts I set up were marked to leave the email on the server — that way they will all still “land” in the Kontact system, until I make a decision.

To move my current email files from Kontact to Evolution, I took the following steps:

  1. Copied my Kontact emails into a new folder (so I didn’t hose my current emails accidentally).
  2. Created a new account in Evolution:
    1. Go to Edit, Preferences, Mail Accounts (and hit the plus sign to the right).
    2. Add in bogus information, calling the account “import”
    3. Select server type “Maildir-format mail directories”
    4. Under configuration, select other and add a path that leads to the top-most folder copied from your Kontact (called ‘mail’ unless you renamed it)
    5. Be sure this isn’t your actual Kontact data, but is a copy.
    6. Add in bogus information to complete the account.
    7. Open up the “import” account and all your emails should be present.
  3. Move the emails (and folders) into your actual email account on Evolution.
  4. Once all the emails are moved over, delete the “import” account.

Hope this makes it easier to move over and give Evolution a try, if you have been using Kontact. I’d love to hear the pros and cons of this move from others who have (or are) making the move.

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