Tiny House: Kick-butt all-terrain alternative fuel RV

BioDiesel RV Jeep Custom and Cool

Ok, today I made the decision that I was going to sell Serenity, my Airstream trailer. My dream was always to have an Airstream Bambi, and pull it with a 4-WD small to medium sized vehicle. I purchased a larger RV because my former spouse refused to consider a Bambi as a real travel option. Now, I’m going to look for a smaller option to avoid buying one of those uber-large trucks to pull the RV. I’d rather not. I have a little Honda scooter, and I’d like to have a bambi with a bike rack to hold it and pull it with a Jeep or an old Land Rover. But I digress…

Tonight, I was over on eBay preparing to list my Airstream when I started looking around (I have a bad case of the can’t-help-its when it comes to such things) and I found the following listing:

ebay item number: 150218596783 (Update: No longer visible on eBay.)

This creature has a 50 gallon fuel tank and will burn anything from diesel and biodiesel to kerosene and waste vegetable oil!

It’s able to ford 2.5 foot of water, and up to 6 foot of water with an additional add-on. It bests “four-wheeling” with an extra pair of wheels and can go anywhere. It’s also seriously insulated and has a monster propane tank, holds 60 gallons of water (and has a 20-gallon hot water tank), has a rack on the back for a generator, a king-size bed (with skylight) and a full sized shower and a toilet.

If I were at a little different place in my life right now… I just might bid on this thing. It’s absolutely awesome. I can imagine going anywhere in this and living in comfort — burning bio diesel and waste oil and outfitting it with a mobile satellite dish to work at the top of the mountain I just climbed after fording a stream.

My only question… Does it get more or less than a mile to the gallon?!?

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