That’ll teach me: unlearning good samaritan habits

In my book, a good Samaritan is a great addition to the world. I like to be around them. I strive to be one. Those situations hand me the “mankind isn’t all bad” drum that I need to beat on occasion to feel good about society… despite the horrors of war and poverty and selfishness and abuse found at every turn in our “modern life.”

With that said, I think I’ve changed my mind. It happened on Friday…

My daughter had a doctor appointment, so I had to go pick her and her brother up from school and rush over to the doctor’s office to make it in time. I left the house early so the drive to the schools wouldn’t be rushed. I wanted to minimize the stress of rushing. I’m trying to do such things this year. Stress reduction. It’s good for me.

As I’m headed into a fairly serious turn down one of these back country roads, a car comes around the bend in the opposite direction. They hit the curve too hard and lost control — first crossing over into my lane (barely missing the guard rail on my side) before over-compensating and crashing into the rail on the opposing side and flipping around 180 degrees.

I narrowly avoided collision with the car and pulled over on the shoulder, my own knees a bit wobbly from the near-miss, and got out to see if the other driver was ok.

As I opened the door, I saw that one headlight was gone but heard the engine still running.

Approaching the tinted windows, I asked, “Are you ok?” but I couldn’t see the driver at all.

Half-way into the road — and blocked by my car on one side, the driver floors the gas and comes straight at me, fishtailing and burning rubber.

Honestly, I still can’t figure out how I managed to NOT get hit. By all rights I should be dead. The fishtailing just happened to veer at precisely the right moment around me and it was by the grace of God, because that driver had no control of the car… coming or going.

I can’t tell you what color the car was or what type. I do know it was dark (blue or black) and I think it was a 2-door. I did have the good sense to look at the license plate as it sped off after nearly hitting me. I even saw the county printed on the license plate, so I called to report it. Although they took my name and number, I never heard back from anyone.

I’m assuming nothing came of it.

Nothing except I had a wonderful weekend. I spent it feeling quite thankful. Quite lucky. Heck, I even did my taxes this weekend and set up my books for next year… two things I usually despise. Two things that usually RUIN my day — or several days.

But this time, life was good.

I just don’t know how quick I’ll be responding next time a “good Samaritan” opportunity shows up. I may just stay in my car.