Linux Fix: FireFox Default Browser in Thunderbird

I’ve been battling with the frustration of having a Thunderbird application that shuns it’s brother, Firefox, in my Kubuntu install.

Whenever I click on a link in an email, Konquer launches. I don’t like Konquer. I like Firefox. Firefox has all my cool add-ons and the tools I know. It wastes my time and frustrates me to look (in vain) for my tools before realizing that I’m staring at a Konquer window.

Setting Firefox as the default for Kubuntu didn’t work. Nothing I’ve tried before today worked. After searching high and low for some 5 months now, I finally found the answer.

Whoo-Hooo!!! Today is a GOOD day. (I’m a simple woman, it doesn’t take much to make me ecstatic.)

If you want to have Firefox launch, you have to make this change from inside Thunderbird itself in Linux:

“Actually, it’s possible to alter settings within Thunderbird to get it to open up Firefox as the default browser. At least, I know for sure that it’s possible in Linux, and I therefore strongly suspect it works in Windows too. Anyway, it shouldn’t take more than a couple seconds to try it out.

Look in:
Edit » Preferences » Advanced » Config Editor.

Alter the following settings: firefox firefox firefox”

The answer was buried in comments on a Windows question. Thanks to Humanzee… much MUCH thanks!

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