My New Year’s resolution

In 2007, I have learned to say “no.”

It took alot to get me to that point. 2007 was obnoxious, but it beat the ability to say “no” into me by the beginning of the last month. I can now say NO — and mean it.

No to things that stress me out unnecessarily. No to unreasonable goals. No to commitments I’d rather not have. No to busy-work. No to things that make my stomach churn. And… for the first time ever: No to New Year’s resolutions.

For years I’ve piled all this stress on myself when January 1st arrived. I’d plan and outline how the upcoming year was going to be superior to the previous year. I wrote it all down. I made lists ad nauseum. I was determined. I’d be more organized. I’d simplify more. I’d get more accomplished. I’d make more money. I’d lose more debt. I’d be skinnier, happier, sexier, a better parent, more well-read, more socially aware. I’d be more.

I set myself up for failure, guilt and even more stress than normal every year.

Now, I’m going to be less. And, after having a month off of work, I’m happy with that. Hell, I’m thrilled with it. I’ve decided that I WILL retire after all. I’ll not work until the day I die, no matter how much I love what I do. I’m going to finally, at this ripe old age… learn to live. I’m starting now. I’m making that start by doing nothing.

Nothing is good. In fact, it’s perfect.

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